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Dear all,

I know you, like me, are a Remainer – someone who believes the best interests of our country and the world are served by the UK remaining in the EU.

The current government, controlled by Vote Leave’s leading lights, portrays all of us as embittered opponents missing no opportunity to undermine their triumph.

But there is another, simpler explanation for why I cannot sit by and stay silent: the case presented to the British people, which secured such a small majority in the 2016 referendum, was based on a pack of lies. It was never achievable.

As 2022 dawns, I am asking you to declare you’re still European and join the European Movement today.

Instead of a single set of standards for industrialists inside the single market, traders face a baffling mess of red tape. Virtually all the expert analysis points to a poorer future outside the community. There is little surprise here as over 40% of our trade is with our neighbours.

We were promised any dip would be more than compensated for by bespoke new trade deals tailored to our own economy. There have been some 60 trade deals since we left the EU, but virtually all of them are simply rollovers of those said to be so prejudicial to our interests. The only truly new one, with Australia, is to be phased in over many years, which tells you all you need to know about its threat to British farmers.

Brexiters focused discontent on migrants with ruthless efficiency and one million people got the message and left this country to return to their home countries. They were skilled and talented citizens who contributed significantly to our wealth and wellbeing.

Shortages in the labour market, the vacancies in the health service, the hospitality industry and agriculture are the living evidence of this self-inflicted act.

Inflation and rising taxes will lead to falling living standards. As a result of Brexit’s failures, the next 12 months will be very difficult.

In its attempt to deflect criticism, we can be sure this government will do its utmost to shift responsibility onto our European neighbours with no justification.

The European Movement will be resilient in challenging such tactics. We are committed to restoring this country’s place at the heart of Europe. It will take time, but there is no excuse for delaying that process by a day longer than necessary.

Already the polls are showing clear evidence that the British people know and resent the confidence trick pulled on them. Our task is to articulate our people’s real self-interest and restore the next generation’s confidence so that they will one day fill the empty seat in Europe that we bequeathed them.

As 2022 dawns, I am asking you to join us in performing this task of historic importance. Please become a European Movement member today.

With my best wishes for the year ahead, 

Michael Heseltine

Lord Heseltine

President, European Movement UK

Promoted by Hugo Mann on behalf of European Movement UK, c/o WeWork The Cursitor, 38 Chancery Lane, London, WC2A 1EN 

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